Kids in the Sun - A Pediatric Practice in Broadview Heights and Strongsville, Ohio

A University Hospitals Rainbow Care Network Member

Thank you for your interest in Kids in the Sun!  As a practice, we believe in family-centered care and treat your child like we expect our own children to be treated.  If you have any questions, please feel free to call either office.  You may also look around the website.  Many new parents have similar questions.  Some of those questions may be listed below.  We also offer some “Meet and Greet” appointments where you can come meet one of our health care providers before you bring your child to our office.  


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Frequently Asked Questions: 

 Are you board certified?  All of our physicians and nurse practitioners are board certified by their respective licensing boards in PediatricsOne of our nurse practitioners is certified in Family Medicine, which of course includes the care of children.    

What are your hours? Do you offer evenings or weekends?  We are open Monday through Friday 9AM to 5PM with a break for lunch.  We are also open from 9AM to 12PM on Saturdays.  We will schedule appointments as needed in the evenings on busy days to make sure we accommodate everyone who needs to be seen for sick visits on a given day.

Do you offer same-day sick appointments? How far in advance do well appointments need to be scheduled?  We offer same-day sick appointments for anyone who calls that needs one or wants to be seen for an illness.  That service is very much appreciated by first time parents who sometimes just feel better having a doctor look at their child for various symptoms.  Well visits should be scheduled at least 2-4 weeks in advance to make sure you get the provider and time and date that you want. 

What if my baby gets sick when the office is closed? Who covers in an emergency if you aren’t on call?  You can call the main office number and be connected with a Registered Nurse at Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital who can answer many of your questions.  If necessary, the RN will page a doctor on call.  That doctor will be a member or our practice or one of several other pediatricians from the area. 

How often will we see our usual pediatrician, and how often will we see other members of the group?  For checkups, you can schedule with your usual doctor as long as you call far enough in advance.  If you need a checkup quickly, you may be asked to see another doctor.  For sick visits, we will try to get you in with your usual pediatrician, but will also offer appointments with our other physicians to get you in on the same day.

Do you have separate sick and well waiting rooms?  Our waiting rooms are partly separated into sick and well areas.  We also schedule most well visits at a time of day separate from most sick visits to minimize exposure of well children to the sick ones. 

Do you respond to questions by e-mail? Do you accept calls for routine and non-emergency questions? If I leave a message, how long does it usually take you to return the call?  Some of our providers accept questions by email; however, we prefer questions by phone or via the MyUHCare Portal that links to our electronic medical records.  That way, we can make sure you get an answer if your provider is out of the office and not answering email.  We try to return phone calls the same day they are received.

What is your schedule for well baby checkups?  We follow a typical schedule for checkups, including visits at 2 weeks and at 2, 4, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, and 24 months of age.  We then see your child once a year. 

Will you discuss my child’s general growth and issues like discipline and social development?  These topics are typically discussed at every checkup and as needed at other visits as well. 

Do you take my insurance? Is there an extra charge for…Advice calls during the day? Advice calls after hours? Medication refills? Filling out forms?   We take most insurance plans including most forms of Medicaid.  We do recommend that you double check by calling your insurance or checking their website to be sure.   We typically do not charge for advice calls, medication refills, or filling out forms. 

What tests are handled in the office, and what is done elsewhere? Where?  We can do rapid strep tests, throat cultures, urine testing, and quick tests for flu, mono, and anemia in the office.  Most other blood work or x-rays are done at the lab located in the building of each office.