Kids in the Sun - A Pediatric Practice in Broadview Heights and Strongsville, Ohio

A University Hospitals Rainbow Care Network Member

Helpful Links - The American Academy of Pediatrics parent information site, including information on illness, accident prevention, vaccines, and some medication dosing information

Immunization Action Coalition - Vaccine Information

Center For Disease Control - Information on numerous diseases and especially helpful information on vaccines and diseases related to travel.

University Hospitals Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital Symptom Checker - Information on various symptoms and basic advice for caring for your child.

Sports Physicals and Work Permit

Ohio High School Preparticipation Form - required for sports and activities with most middle schools and high schools public or private.  Some recreational leagues use this form as well. 

Catholic Youth Organization (CYO) Sports Form - Required for CYO participation

Work Permits - Required for many jobs for children under the age of 18.  Your health care provider will need to fill out the physician's certificate.  

Mental Health and/or Behavioral Concerns

Vanderbilt Parent Form - For parents to fill out before a general behavioral or possible ADHD evaluation.  

Vanderbilt Teacher Form - For teachers to fill out before a general behavioral or possible ADHD evaluation.

SCARED Questionnaire - For parents or older children to fill out before a anxiety evaluation

Depression Screening Form - A variation of the PHQ-9 for depression symptoms