Kids in the Sun - A Pediatric Practice in Broadview Heights and Strongsville, Ohio

A University Hospitals Rainbow Care Network Member - The American Academy of Pediatrics parent information site, including information on illness, accident prevention, vaccines, and some medication dosing information

Immunization Action Coalition - Vaccine Information

Center For Disease Control - Information on numerous diseases and especially helpful information on vaccines and diseases related to travel.

Get Smart About Antibiotics - information on issues surrounding antibiotic overuse

University Hospitals Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital Symptom Checker - Information on various symptoms and basic advice for caring for your child.

Ohio High School Preparticipation Form - required for sports and activities with most middle schools and high schools public or private.  Some recreational leagues use this form as well. 

Vanderbilt Parent Form - For parents to fill out before a general behavioral or possible ADHD evaluation.  

Vanderbilt Teacher Form - For teachers to fill out before a general behavioral or possible ADHD evaluation.

SCARED Questionnaire - For parents or older children to fill out before a anxiety evaluation

Catholic Youth Organization (CYO) Sports Form - Required for CYO participation

Childcare Forms - Link to forms required by the state to be used by childcare facilities in Ohio.  The most commonly required are the Child Medical Statement due once a year, and the Request for Administration of Medication. 

Work Permits - Required for many jobs for children under the age of 18.  Your health care provider will need to fill out the physician's certificate. 

Consent to Treat Minor Patients - Use this form for a friend or family member to bring your child to the office.  This is also used for teens who are coming on their own to the office. 

Patient Registration Form - Print this form and fill out prior to first visits to the office or as requested by the office (many insurances require an update once/year). 

Release of Information - Use this form to authorize prior physicians or hospital systems to release your medical records to us.  

Email Authorization - Use this form to authorize communication with your provider via email. Better yet, sign up for the Follow My Health Portal and communicate via the app or website.   Contact the office if you would like information to sign up and activate your portal account.

Depression Screening Form - A variation of the PHQ-9 for depression symptoms